Consultoría en PrestaShop

Website Analysis

We evaluate every aspect of your store, from user interface to functionality, to identify areas for improvement and enhance the customer experience.

Sales Strategy

Based on market analysis and user behavior, we define the best practices to increase your sales and conversions.

Diseño y Personalización

Custom Theme Creation

We develop exclusive designs that reflect your brand's identity, ensuring it stands out in the market.

Responsive Design

We ensure your store looks and works perfectly on any device, from smartphones to desktop computers.

Optimización de la Tienda

Speed Improvement

We reduce loading times by optimizing images, using cache and better programming practices.

SEO Optimization

We improve the visibility of your store in search engines by optimizing metadata, URL structure, tags and relevant content.


Basic and Advanced Courses

From product management to advanced configuration, we offer training so you can master all the PrestaShop tools.

Practical Workshops

Interactive sessions where we resolve doubts in real time and show you how to manage and solve common problems.

Integraciones y Extensiones

Custom Modules

We develop specific modules to add exclusive functionalities to your store, from review systems to integrations with other software.

Integration with Third Parties

We connect your store with external systems, such as CRMs, inventory management systems or marketing platforms.

Soporte Técnico

Continuous Maintenance

We ensure that your store is always updated, secure and error-free.

Problem Resolution

Again If there is any problem, our technical team is ready to intervene and solve problems quickly.

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